Download schedule in PDF format: SCHEDULE, Høstsabbat 2018

LINE-UP 2018

Amenra (BE)
Electric Moon (DE)

Asteroid (SE)
Brutus (NO)

Toner Low (NL)
Lonely Kamel (NO)

Hällas (SE)
Eagle Twin (US)
Elephant Tree (UK)
Spurv (NO) – Plays “Myra”
The Moth Gatherer (SE)
Domkraft (SE)

Krokofant (NO)
Taiga Woods (NO)





Please welcome the headliner of Høstsabbat 2018!

When we first landed Church JAKOB as this years’ venue, a couple of bands came to mind as the perfect bookings..

And it is with massive pride we are able to announce our first choice, the legends in the Belgian five piece, Amenra . What could possibly be a more fitting closure to this years event than the founders of the Church of RA-collective?

To witness Amenra from a stage is something you won’t forget. It’s cleansing, ritualistic, nihilistic, scary, painful and in the most accurate sense of the word; mindblowing. Their attention to detail in performance, riffs and visuals can hardly be described as anything but spellbinding, and to have this complete package in a church, downtown Oslo.. well what to say?

On top of this, their recent masterpiece “MASS VI”, put Amenra in a different league all together, as the Neurot Records release was hailed as one of the absolute best metal records of 2017. Also bringing them onboard two massive US-tours alongside label bosses Neurosis and Converge.

On October 6th they grace Church JAKOB with their presence. Are you in?



We’re proud to announce a somewhat legendary band.

Out of Ørebro, Sweden, Asteroid has played an influential role together with their hometown allies in Truckfighters. Asteroid has delivered fuzzy and groovelicious tunes to a hungry audience for over fifteen years, combining hard rock with a psychedelic and bluesy sound as their imprint.

The band went on total hiatus in 2013, but are finally back in motion again. We couldn’t be happier, or hippier, to welcome them to Høstsabbat in October.

Asteroid speaks for itself, you better come watch them glaze our main stage Saturday October 6th…




They played our first Høstsabbat back in 2013, and everyone who attended know what to expect. No band knows how to throw a party like the hellhounds in our beloved Brutus.

Hailing from both Sweden and Norway, they celebrate 10 years as a band in 2018, and what better occasion to mark this impressive event, than returning to Høstsabbat for an overdose of soulful, bluesy 70’s rock, combined with an infective cheerful atmosphere impossible to surpass.

Brutus are currently working on a new album, so fingers crossed they’ll unleash some new gems together with their old classics.

We hope you share our joy, and welcome one of the finest live bands we’ve had, and keep the beers flowing \m/





We have a profound devotion for the underground here at Høstsabbat, and it’s natural for us to focus on the Norwegian scene. But just as much, we look to the east, taking notice of what’s bubbling in Sweden. Last year, Domkraft out of Stockholm, hit the scene with a bang. Gaining massive attention, even playing Psycho Las Vegas, their Magnetic Eye Records debut captures what Høstsabbat was intended to be from the get-go. Thunderous stoner doom, with riffs thick as syrup drenched in fuzz, wailing vocals and an ethereal atmosphere. The Swedes can do no wrong. We’re proud to present DOMKRAFT at Høstsabbat 2018.



It’s about time we unveil some of the Norwegian bands coming to Høstsabbat in October.
As we’ve mentioned before, we have our eyes peeled on the underground scene in our neighbouring countries, but our main focus is of course what’s going on here in Norway.

DWAAL saw the light of day in 2014, and immediately started their slow, churning climb towards the surface of the underground. They’ve established a reputation for their live shows, as well as praise for their self-released EP, Darben.
This monstrous release, consisting of two (very) lengthty tracks. shows what to expect from Dwaal.
Riffs heavy as a concrete Chevy, finely mixed with post metal atmospheres, leaving the listener numb, before grabbing the attention again with foreboding vocals from the depths of Hell.

Please welcome DWAAL to Kulturkirken JAKOB in October \m/




We are extremely proud to present the two-headed beast that is Eagle Twin (US). Probably one of the best live acts around, and a huge favorite in our camp. Being somewhat of a benchmark for what two guys can make out of their instruments and hands, we will bow to their wall of sound.

The guys from Utah just released their new album “The Thundering Heard” to massive praise, and will set out for a short span of shows in Europe in October. After trying to have Eagle Twin over for several years, we are stoked to tell they will start their Euro run at Høstsabbat Friday October 5th.

What else to say, than the Eagle has landed.




Next up is German psych rock legends Electric Moon. This three-piece have captivated audiences in every corner of Europe with their spellbinding psychedelic kraut rock. Electric Moon will make you forget time and space.. 
Prepare for a ride… to cosmos.



Two albums into their career, the London based Elephant Tree hit momentum with their self-titled album out on Magnetic Eye Records. This blissful release found them featured on festivals such as Freak Valley, Psycho Las Vegas, Keep it Low and Desertfest to mention a few.

It feels refreshing to hear a band blend melody, psychedelic riffs and doomy heaviness in such seamless manner, giving their sound a lysergic touch. There’s plenty of weight, with a grunge-like feel at times. Almost reminiscent of bands like Alice in Chains, Elephant Tree shows massive song writing skills, easily separating them from the average stoner outfit.

We are confident Elephant Tree will add a distinct flavour to Høstsabbat 2018, hardly found elsewhere in todays underground.

The British are coming!




Sweden gave us a huge buzz last year. Again. Why isn’t this surprising?

The fellas behind the buzz, are the guys in Hällas. We are utterly delighted to bring them to Oslo for the first time in October. Their groove laden retro rock will go down a storm in the beautiful surroundings of the JAKOB church. Put your headband on, and headbang!




This weekend, Oslo is boiling with music as by:Larm is upon us. A festival trying to give their audience a wide spectre of artists and genres. And we try to do that ourselves in a more heavy sense. But it’s not all about the heavy.

As we dive into the Norwegian underground, there are so many unbelievably talented bands, doing their very own thing. One of these bands, is KROKOFANT. Very hard to describe in written, much better to experience from a stage, especially in a church, but let’s give it a try:

Krokofant does everything, all the time, with distinct precision and an irresistable groove. Spaced out, jazzed up riff rock from another dimension. Combining the attack of the original Mahavishnu Orchestra and the heavy crunch of Black Sabbath, they leave their audience in a blackened heap on the floor. Signed on the Norwegian cred-label rune grammofon, Krokofant is ready to expand our vision about what Høstsabbat really is.

Expect the unexpected, and welcome KROKOFANT.




Before we announce this year’s main headliner, we have a final and kickass Norwegian act to unveil.

Touring Europe as we speak, the re-invented five piece version of Oslo’s stoner legends Lonely Kamel will make a joyful return to Høstsabbat, as they deserve.

Their new album “Death’s-Head Hawkmoth” was released about a month ago on the stellar Stickman Records, putting the Kamel’s in the top shelf of European underground rock.

Lonely Kamel have played more or less every underground festival there is European soil, from Duna Jam, to Roadburn, to Desertfest, to Up in name it, and they have toured massively for years, making them an easy act to love.

We’re eager to welcome these blues and boozehounds back, as should you!




SÂVER made their live debut in January, and we have to admit the total devastation presented from the stage was impressive to witness. A three piece, mixing raw riffage, savage vocals and an earth shattering groove, with gentle synth passages to put you in a transcendent state of spaced out darkness.

Sharing members with household Norwegian bands, Hymn and Tombstones, SÂVER shows no signs of being new to their game.

If you like your rock heavy as a Chevy. Look no further.



With spring comes birds, and what could be more soothing than the announcement of the fantastic six-piece Spurv (“sparrow” in English) to this years’ Høstsabbat.

When we were able to check out their forthcoming album, “Myra”, out 1st of June on the ever-magnificent Oslo label Fysisk Format, we were totally blown away… On Høstsabbat they will play the whole album in it’s full length.

What they lack in vocals (because there is non), they make up for with painting the most beautiful soundscapes, taking the listener on a trippin’ journey over blossoming fields of spring flowers. It’s tender, massive, fragile, heavy and straight up awesome! We can’t wait to see this in the church room.

Spurv will treat us with a new kind of postrock. Be amazed.



The next band out has been lurking in the shadows for well over a decade. The road from Rendalen to Høstsabbat is long, but finally it seems like Erik Skundberg will take his brain child Taiga Woods into the live circuit for good.

Taiga Woods had their live-debut in Oslo midst February, to a completely packed out venue. Delivering their sharply tuned, stoned out, desert rock anthems, they impressed us at Høstsabbat, creating an almost euphoric atmosphere in the audience. Give us more!

The debut album from Taiga Woods dropped last fall, and received unison praise from the underground press, and hit almost every best of list at the end of the year. In the Doomed & Stonedfeature one could read; “It reminds me of a blend of Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss and Baroness, but with some 70’s psych influence”, and we second that. Taiga Woods brings something else to the table. With their catchy licks, contagious groove and well placed oohs and aahs, it’s like re-discovering aforementioned Kyuss on a sunny day, with plenty of beers at hand.

Prepare for some old school sing-a-longs at Høstsabbat in October!



We’ve been gathering souls and sinners since we first started, so this year we’re adding moths to the list. The Moth Gatherer out of Stockholm/Gøteborg is a force of nature when they hit the stage. Their sound leaning towards super heavy post-rock, mixed with jazzy drums, fierce vocals, pure energy and tasty electronic samples, make them a class-act to witness. We had them over for a club night some years ago, and we’re stoked to have them on our festival bill this time. Known for bringing guest vocalists to their recordings, spanning from from Refused’s Dennis Lyxzen , to Thomas Jäger from Monolord, The Moth Gatherer just finished their upcoming album in Studio Underjord some days ago, and rumours has it they’ve outdone themselves again.

We can’t wait for some new material to be unleashed from the stage! Gather the souls, gather the sinners, gather the moths \m/



We have the pleasure of announcing another band today. The dutch green priests in Toner Low make a return to Norway, to melt our brains with mind bending riffs and unmistakable grooves.. Being a band since 1998, Toner Low has gained massive respect in the underground scene, being featured on lineups all over our continent. Their live performances are unmatched.

Just when you think the riff is over, they pull you back in.

Welcome Toner Low to Høstsabbat 2018 \m/