DAMN! Thank you so much for this years Høstsabbat! The bands has really delivered way beyond what we could expect, and we have tons of good memories both from the concerts and the festival feeling itself!

Thanks a lot to the audience that came out, the bands that really gave us all they had and to all the volunteers and people working with Høstsabbat!

See you next year!



ATTENTION! Changes in program.

There has been a couple of last minute changes that everyone needs to read carefully:
1. Joy and Death Alley will play FRIDAY instead of Saturday.
2. Buckaduzz and Hymn will play SATURDAY instead of Friday.
3. Walter Roadburn had to stay home because of illness, sadly. But we have some really great DJs standing in for him: DJ Spacewülff and Resonaut DJs.
4. Alwanzatar will do his magic in Glassbaren at 19:00 Saturday.
We’re sorry about the late changes of bands, but we think we’ve found a really good solution that’ll work out great! You’ll find the complete program attached.
We can’t wait to get started! See you all in a couple of hours, and please share this message with your friends. Thanks!
NY Høstsabbat_spilleliste_2015

Full lineup completed

Høstsabbat devotees,

The last bands are ready for this years Høstsabbat, and the lineup is finally completed. We’re really happy with this years lineup and hope you are ready for this as well! Tickets will be out for sale this week.

BelzebonG (PL)
Virus – Norway (NO)
Age of Taurus (GB)
Faustcoven (NO)
New Keepers of the Water Towers (SE)
Yuri Gagarin(SE)
Buckaduzz (NO) – the final gig
Hymn (NO)
Death Alley (NL)
Black Moon Circle (NO)
Captain Kill (NO)
Ocean Dweller (NO)
Alwanzatar (NO)

Fullt slipp, Facebook liten