SLABDRAGGER will play Høstsabbat 2019

The underground is important to Høstsabbat, not only here in Scandinavia, but we do our best to keep track with what’s happening elsewhere on our continent too.

The UK has been pioneering bands on the heavier, uglier side of things for years, and we’ve brought a few of them to our previous editions. Latest featured in the fabulous “The Doom Doc”, digging deep in the mentioned UK-scene, Slabdragger has been making waves for 10 years and has been a pivotal band in forming the quintessential UK sludge sound.

Their latest album “Rise of the Dawncrusher”, out on Holy Roar Records, starts off in an almost Sleep esque groove, before the nastiness unveils gradually as clean vocals lose ground for growls and screams. We can only imagine how the massive physical impact of this record translates to their live performance.

We are psyched to present the insanely heavy three piece that is SLABDRAGGER at Høstsabbat, October 2019.

Early Bird-tickets is out in one hour at 12:00!
Follow this link:østsabbat-earlybird (maximum 2 tickets each)



LLNN will play Høstsabbat 2019

Sometimes it’s tempting, and might also be necessary, to give in for the darker emotions and let frustration and total aggression steer the wheel. One of the most angst-ridden, terrifying and straight up furious releases this year came out of the shores of Denmark. «Deads» put LLNN on the map of all things heavy once and for all. Some albums are better at channelling emotions than others, and this one you won’t forget.

Out on Pelagic Records, “Deads” scored LLNN gigs at Roadburn, Roskilde and Desertfest, letting this four-piece show off their intense live performance to a somewhat bigger audience. We have seen these guys on stage numerous times, and it’s something you do not want to miss.

We are proud to welcome the first danish act ever to Høstsabbat, October 2019.
LLNN is not kidding around, they come to lay waste



SUNNATA will play Høstsabbat 2019

It is with great pleasure we are welcoming the first band to next years’ Høstsabbat.

We have said it before, and we are gladly repeating ourselves; The polish heavy underground is on fire. sunnata will be the third band we bring to Oslo from this booming scene.

With their recent album “Outlands”, they are manifesting their position as one of the most exciting bands out there, mixing eastern scales with layers of atmospheric instrumentation. Long passages of transcendental chanting let the listener soak and dwell in their realm, before a wall of riffs knocks you right in the gut, and awake you from a lucid dream.

Sunnata will leave the audience spellbound, when they close out their set October 2019.

We will unveil two more bands before the Early Bird tickets are out Friday at 12:00.




The first year at Kulturkirken Jakob really went above our expectations and was a joy from start to end. In 2019 we are ready to make an even better festival, the 4th and 5th of October. Save the date!
Early Bird tickets will be out next Friday 26th of October, and we will start to release the first bands already this week.
You’ll find the Facebook event here.


What to say… This weekend was an utterly amazing blast. What a ride!

Our expectations was exceeded each day, and we couldn’t be happier with the vibe throughout the festival.

Thanks to everyone attending and to all the bands that served us so many special moments.

We also want to thank the Høstsabbat crew that did a fantastic job during the whole festival.

See you next year! News to come.

Photo: Per-Otto Oppi Christiansen


Dear Sabbathians!
Today is the day and we welcome you to Kulturkirken Jakob at 16:30! 
Some final information for you. 
THE CRYPT stage (in the basement) has a limited capasity, which means if you are dying to see a band – get there early to be sure you don’t miss out. When the capasity is reached, there will be one person out one person in-principle.
THE CHAPEL stage in the main room will fit all of you. Meet up and revel in!
Yes, there will be merch, and there will be quite a lot of it. All the merch will be able to buy with cash. Most of the merch will be possible to buy with Vipps (Norwegian money transfer app). And some merch will be able to buy with credit card. So now you know. Go get it! 
You like vinyls you say? Our good friends in Tiger Record Store will have a stand and sell their goodies throughout the festival. We love it, and you will too. 
Bear with us… This is our first time at Kulturkirken Jakob. We have worked a lot to make everything go as smooth as possible throughout the festival. This is a church, not a usual festival arena, but we hope and think the solutions will work out good. 
Be nice to each other, bring your doomy smile and enjoy the weekend!


Good peoples! The final schedule is here.
There has been one change. The mighty Elephant Tree will open The Chapel stage on Saturday while The Moth Gatherer will destroy The Crypt stage later the same evening. It’ll be a joy!
There will be a big tent connected to the church where there will be a lot of seatings, great barbecue food (for both meat lovers and vegans) and refreshing drink servings. You will also find the toilets outside beside the tent, and a couple ones in the crypt/basement.
Yes, there will be bars. One in the The Chapel room, one in The Crypt and one in the tent outside the church. You get small bottles inside the church and 0,5 litres in the tent. In The Chapel they will also serve different kind of special brews. Yummy!
There is a free wardrobe in the basement. It is unmanned and your own risk.
Each day there will be an afterparty at Vaterland from 00:00 – 03:30. Beer, great music, great people, kick ass pizza and good times! It’s a short 5 minute walk from the Church. Peace of cake.
Summon the spirits, gather the souls.
Anyone ready?

Download the schedule in PFD format: SCHEDULE, Høstsabbat 2018

SÁVER announce release of debut record.

SÂVER has finally announced the release of their debut album, “They Came With Sunlight”, out on Pelagic Records early 2019.

We are super stoked to have them present this album in full at Høstsabbat this coming Friday, and can promise an utterly crushing live experience. It’s a mind blowing album.

They will kickstart the whole festival in our basement stage Friday October 5th, at 17.00.

Besides that, Høstsabbat representants will join the radio show Doom di Doom at 20:00 tonight at and FM 99,3 (in Norwegian).

We also attended Råkkfolk‘s live podcast this Friday. Check that out as well!

More info to come the next days.

SÂVER Sign to Pelagic Records; They Came with Sunlight Due Early 2019