DOMKRAFT will play Friday 5th October


From the first time we heard Domkraft, we knew they were destined to play Høstsabbat.

After taking the underground by storm, all we can say is; Prepare to be trampled and buried under the intense heavy fuzz. And then repeat until numb.

Domkraft says: “We’ve been aching to go to Oslo for quite a while, and can’t imagine a better reason to do so. The festival will more or less coincide with the release of our new album, so it will be great to premiere a bunch of new tunes in such a perfect setting. We are totally looking forward to blasting those riffs over and over again until we are all one, unified in the spiritual bond that is the synchronized nodding of the head.”

Come and watch destiny unfold. DOMKRAFT will play FRIDAY 5th OCTOBER.

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