DWAAL will play Høstsabbat 2018

Another Friday….cloudy, gloomy and dark this time.. as is our next announcement.

It’s about time we unveil some of the Norwegian bands coming to Høstsabbat in October. 
As we’ve mentioned before, we have our eyes peeled on the underground scene in our neighbouring countries, but our main focus is of course what’s going on here in Norway.

DWAAL saw the light of day in 2014, and immediately started their slow, churning climb towards the surface of the underground. They’ve established a reputation for their live shows, as well as praise for their self-released EP, Darben. 
This monstrous release, consisting of two (very) lengthty tracks. shows what to expect from Dwaal. 
Riffs heavy as a concrete Chevy, finely mixed with post metal atmospheres, leaving the listener numb, before grabbing the attention again with foreboding vocals from the depths of Hell.

Please welcome DWAAL to Kulturkirken JAKOB in October \m/