Elephant Tree will play Saturday 6th October

It’s heavy. It’s harmonic. It’s Elephant Tree. In 2016 this UK-based band blew the underground scene away with their self titled album “Elephant Tree”. After the release the band has received plenty of praise. Metal Injection wrote “There is something transcendent about Elephant Tree and the deeper you delve into sitar padded riffs and wide open vocal lines the easier it becomes to realize, this is a band who could turn the doom world on it’s head”. Elephant Tree is also heavily involved in the crowdfunded animated movie project, “The Planet of Doom”, which will be released during 2018.

Elephant Tree says:
“When we heard that we were going to be playing in Norway Jack just fell down stiff on the floor. We thought he was dead but it turns out he was just pining for the fjords.
Coming to Oslo is something we’ve always talked about wanting to do but never been offered, until Høstsabbat got in touch that is! We know there are at least a few people who listen to us in the Scandinavian region and we are stoked to be able to bring our music to them. We also really like fish.”

We’re stoked to present them at Høstsabbat, SATURDAY 6TH OCTOBER.

Check out their music here:
Bandcamp: https://elephanttreeband.bandcamp.com/
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2M5xBWG

Festival tickets: https://bit.ly/tickets-hostsabbat
Høstsabbat spotify playlist: https://bit.ly/HBspotify18