KROKOFANT will play Høstsabbat 2018

Yes! Once again, it’s Friday.

This weekend, Oslo is boiling with music as by:Larm is upon us. A festival trying to give their audience a wide spectre of artists and genres. And we try to do that ourselves in a more heavy sense. But it’s not all about the heavy.

As we dive into the Norwegian underground, there are so many unbelievably talented bands, doing their very own thing. One of these bands, is KROKOFANT. Very hard to describe in written, much better to experience from a stage, especially in a church, but let’s give it a try:

Krokofant does everything, all the time, with distinct precision and an irresistable groove. Spaced out, jazzed up riff rock from another dimension. Combining the attack of the original Mahavishnu Orchestra and the heavy crunch of Black Sabbath, they leave their audience in a blackened heap on the floor. Signed on the Norwegian cred-label rune grammofon, Krokofant is ready to expand our vision about what Høstsabbat really is.

Expect the unexpected, and welcome KROKOFANT.