ELEPHANT TREE will play Høstsabbat 2018

It’s Friday, it’s sunny, it’s fresh (at least here in Oslo)… pretty much how to describe our next band.

Two albums into their career, the London based Elephant Tree hit momentum with their self-titled album out on Magnetic Eye Records. This blissful release found them featured on festivals such as Freak Valley, Psycho Las Vegas, Keep it Low and Desertfest to mention a few.

It feels refreshing to hear a band blend melody, psychedelic riffs and doomy heaviness in such seamless manner, giving their sound a lysergic touch. There’s plenty of weight, with a grunge-like feel at times. Almost reminiscent of bands like Alice in Chains, Elephant Tree shows massive song writing skills, easily separating them from the average stoner outfit.

We are confident Elephant Tree will add a distinct flavour to Høstsabbat 2018, hardly found elsewhere in todays underground.

The British are coming!

DOMKRAFT will play Høstsabbat 2018

We have a profound devotion for the underground here at Høstsabbat, and it’s natural for us to focus on the Norwegian scene. But just as much, we look to the east, taking notice of what’s bubbling in Sweden. Last year, Domkraft out of Stockholm, hit the scene with a bang. Gaining massive attention, even playing Psycho Las Vegas, their Magnetic Eye Recordsdebut captures what Høstsabbat was intended to be from the get-go. Thunderous stoner doom, with riffs thick as syrup drenched in fuzz, wailing vocals and an ethereal atmosphere. The Swedes can do no wrong. We’re proud to present DOMKRAFT at Høstsabbat 2018.

TONER LOW will play Høstsabbat 2018

We have the pleasure of announcing another band today. The dutch green priests in Toner Low make a return to Norway, to melt our brains with mind bending riffs and unmistakable grooves.. Being a band since 1998, Toner Low has gained massive respect in the underground scene, being featured on lineups all over our continent. Their live performances are unmatched.

Just when you think the riff is over, they pull you back in.

Welcome Toner Low to Høstsabbat 2018 \m/

HÄLLAS will play HØSTSABBAT 2018

Sweden gave us a huge buzz last year. Again. Why isn’t this surprising?

The fellas behind the buzz, are the guys in Hällas. We are utterly delighted to bring them to Oslo for the first time in October. Their groove laden retro rock will go down a storm in the beautiful surroundings of the JAKOB church. Put your headband on, and headbang!


Saturday 02. December // Krøsset, Oslo // CC: 325,- (+fee) // Doors: 13:00-03:00

We’re celebrating Høstsabbats five year anniversary!

Saturday the 2nd of December is set for a heavy, exclusive evening at Krøsset in Oslo. (20years age limit)
The crew behind Høstsabbat offers the VINTERSABBAT event – a celebration of five years of delicious sound, from genres like doom, stoner, prog, retro-rock, heavy blues, spacerock and everything in between.

13:00 Doors open
13-18:00 Record fair with Katakomben and Indie Recordings
15:00 Live talk with El Caco held by Evig Lyttar
17:00 Quiz – main prize includes a ticket to Høstsabbat -18
19:00 JABBA
20:00 Vokonis
21:00 Purple Hill Witch
23:00 Monolord
00:30 DJ Ole Rokseth (HYMN)

Damn, we can’t wait to get this started.
Summon the spirits, gather the souls…



Høstsabbat 2016


Here’s the last info before Høstsabbat kicks off tomorrow.

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Afterparties are going down at Pokalen, with DJ-sets from Conan on Friday, and Siena Root on Saturday. The bar is closing at 03:00.

There will be served hot dogs at the venue, and you also get 10% off on food at Smelteverket across the road if you got the Høstsabbat wristband.

Bring cash for merch.

Damn, we can’t wait to get this started. See you at the festival at 18:00!